Single Voters Should Rule, But Will They?

The number of potential single voters is huge. Who is noticing?

Posted May 05, 2008

It is election season in the U.S. and singles should rule! At 92 million strong, they compose a huge potential voting bloc.

But will they make good on the power of their numbers? Historically, they have not voted at rates as high as married people have.

For years, I've been following the place of people who are single in the American political process. I look at what the candidates say or don't say, and how the media covers single voters - or whether it covers them at all.

Compared to 2004, there are some intriguing signs of progress. But there is still a long way to go. If you are interested, take a look at my blog on the Huffington Post:

Anyone Want a Few Million More Votes?

The Huffington Post is a very political site, so my blog is, too. However, I do mention some of the very latest social science data - for example, on the ways that singles are maintaining intergenerational ties and creating networks of care - so I hope that at least those parts of the post will be of interest to Psych Today readers. Enjoy!