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Your New Year’s Resolution, Eight Days Later

The Truth of Me will Set Me Free

Whether you’ve made resolutions consciously, or have simply turned to face a new year, somewhere inside, you are redirecting yourself towards an expanded you: a you closer to the truth of your inner knowing. For most of us though, the resolutions are broken down into the “list.”

Dorothy Firman
Source: Dorothy Firman

There are lots of great ideas on everyone’s list about how to make changes, create new habits, break bad habits, become a “better” person. It is worth paying attention to where this concept of “better” comes from. Is it truly YOUR “better” or is it an old set of messages that don’t really tell the Truth of You.

While it is important to have some good, sound strategies in place for all of the “to do” lists, it is crucial that those lists come from the heart, not from the outer world, not from the all-too-easy-to access “should” world.

The “should” list is easy to figure out and it runs in your head pretty consistently. The “Truth of Me” list is never the same as the “should” list, though often they will overlap. Good thing too. I should look both ways before crossing the street and the truth of me is quite clearly directed towards not getting hit by a car!

What if we knew what we wanted from the Truth of Me? And what if we knew what we should do, using "should" in the highest possible definition: that which we feel morally or ethically obliged to do? And then, what if we knew how to choose, in a way that was a perfect fit for us? No external “shoulds.” No inner child subpersonalities or inner critics making the choices. No old messages driving our decisions. No unconscious actions taking over. No waffling back and forth till a decision gets made by default. No impulse control disorder. No denial of personal need.

Just, me, my truth and “I”. You, your truth and “YOU”. And from that place of self-awareness and self-knowledge, the place of wisdom and compassion, the place from which intuition springs, we could (on a good day) see all of the possibilities and the Truth of Me could keep breathing and return to the “choice” list, in heart centered clarity.

The Truth of Me is aware and chooses. I have my New Year’s resolutions, and if they are helpful, I will attend to them. If they are old, tiresome “shoulds” I will let them go. If they are the Call of my true Self, I will respond, as best I can, accepting and loving myself no matter what.

Now that’s a New Year’s resolution worth working with. It’s 2017 and the Truth of Me is running the show.

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