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Sleeping By (And With) Yourself

Bless and release the day.


As the day ends, let it go.

William Blake once said, “Think in the morning. Act at noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep at night.” Simpler times, perhaps, but the advice, even in our 24/7 world is good. Though it might look like more like:

  • Take a breathe or two when you wake
  • Begin the day with whatever positivity you can muster
  • Eat well
  • Drink water
  • Do your jobs
  • Slow down as the day begins to recede
  • Put your worries to sleep (and your kids) before you get into bed
  • Come back to where you started and breathe
  • Come home to your Self
  • Go to sleep, however you know to make that happen

But don’t take your job to bed. Don’t take your family to bed. Don’t take your worries to bed. If you sleep with another person, child or lover, dog or cat (all of the above) even then, sleep by yourself. Bless and release those in and out of your bed. Bless and release the monkey mind and all its shenanigans, bless and release your world, its good and its bad. Bless and release the day and welcome the night. Or if you are on night shift, Bless and release the time of waking and welcome the time of sleeping.

Come home. Be in this bed, in this body, in this moment, with your own Self. There is nowhere else to be. Do go gently into that dark night that is your world alone. You are by your own side. You are your own trusted companion entering the unconscious world. When sleep comes, you are all there is, crazy dreams and all.

night skies

Into another world

And when you wake, bless and release those dreams (or write them down, ponder them, take them to your therapist) and then breathe. Welcome a new day.

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