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Meditation to Go!

Life's hard, so meditate! It's fun. It's easy! It helps!

Posted Aug 21, 2010

lotus blossom

Meditation to Go!


Many of us consider ourselves spiritual seekers. We wish we meditated more. We wish we were better people. We wish we had an inner calm. We wish and often we try. Sometimes we try very, very hard. And sometimes we make some progress. In fact, among us there are many dedicated meditators, of all types and persuasions. And along side those folks are the many who work equally hard on their spiritual path, whatever it may be.

But most of us, even those on a disciplined path, find ourselves often caught in our 24/7 world and that twenty-minute meditation time we promised ourselves has disappeared. The summer, in which we committed ourselves to long walks in nature and quiet time for self-reflection, ran away from us in the blink of an eye. The calm inner sense of peace is nowhere to be found, as we answer yet another phone call,  fix another dinner, go  to one more meeting,  soothe one more crying child.

What shall we do, we mere mortals struggling to make it work?

There are no easy answers. But there are some easy strategies and if we can institute even a few little calming moments, then we have changed our lives. And like any habit, bad or good, the more we practice a strategy, the more it becomes a habit. The more it becomes a habit, the more it becomes a way of life. And the way of life is all we have.

“Repetition acts like the blows of a hammer on a nail!" (Psychological Laws Pertaining to Will Training, Roberto Assagioli)

fully blossomed lotus
 So what will we be hammering that nail into on any given day? We don’t want it to be that other line about “nails”, which, I believe refers to those in our coffins. We want to build something magnificent, something unique, something no one else could ever build. We want to build ourselves. And that brings us back to meditation… on the go.

What do you do every day… maybe many times a day? Open the door of your car? Wash your hands? Turn on your computer? There are a million of them. If you choose even one of those rote, means-to-an-end kind of things and decide to attach an altogether different meaning to it, it will become the repetition that you already do, in service of your own private meditative practice. And you’ll be doing it many times a day. And without having to push away your busy world. And while you are doing something you had to do anyway.

What is it you would like to meditate on? And how would you like to meditate? Whatever form you know or create can be put into a “to go” version. My mantra? I’ll say it once every time I open my car door.  My mindfulness practice? While washing my hands. My prayer for peace? Every time I turn on the computer.  Chanting? In the shower. Breath work? Every time I sit down, just one conscious, deep belly breath.  Just one. One word, one breath, one moment of consciousness, one prayer, one chant, one… whatever it is that you do to build that magnificent structure that is you.

I’m serious about the “just one” because if it’s two, or maybe if I have time, I can take 3 breaths or three minutes, then we lose this graceful strategy to our “shoulds.” No, this one has to be easy.  So I invite you to try it, for a week or a month or a lifetime. Meditation on the go.

And, please, if you have the inclination and the time and the space, keep at those longer meditations, too. They are a gift.




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