Five Quick Tips to Help Your Defiant Child or Teen

Getting your upset child or teen to a better place

Posted Jun 03, 2016

If your child or teen is defiant, here are five POWERFUL strategies to lower their defiance:

1. Realize that understanding your defiant child is just as important as loving him.

2. Avoid yelling at your child. Yelling only fans the flames of defiance.

3. Resist power struggles. Defiant children believe they are equal in authority to adults. This makes it futile to try to beat them in the power struggle game.

4. Learn the art of being calm, firm, and non-controlling.

5. Reinforce your child's compliant behaviors. The more positive attention he gets for being compliant, the less negative attention he'll look for by being defiant.

These are just a few of the many tips and strategies that can be found in Dr Jeffrey Bernstein's book, 10 Days To A Less Defiant Child, Perseus Books, 2015. Recommended to parents by the Wall Street Journal!