Let Your Purpose Unfold Along the Journey

In life, it's up to you to decide when you've "gotten where you're going."

Posted Jul 24, 2015

So often in life, we get overly caught up in the madness of a moment or the frustration of a situation. We look at a single event and obsess about whatever might be factually, actually, or exaggeratedly wrong with it and lose all perspective of its space and place in our journey. It’s kind of amusing that we encourage ourselves to “live in the moment,” but this can encourage some of us to lose sight of the knowledge that “the moment” is only that, a brief step in the journey of our lives.

Who Tells You Where You’re Going?

When we allow ourselves to get hung up on the “he said, she said,” “he thinks, I think,” “I think he thinks,” and “he thinks I am thinking,” and so on, we have allowed ourselves to forget that by the time our thoughts are complete, we could have already allowed this moment to be a part of our past instead of conscripting it to be our present—and, in some cases, to become our futures.

Do you have ‘steps” along your journey that are wrapped in regret? Steeped in sorrow? Burning with resentment? Ablaze with anger? When you meet a new, but familiar, situation, are you allowing a prior step on your journey to negatively influence how you navigate the next leg of your journey?

Regret Is Normal

It’s only human to collect a few regrets along the way and, unfortunately, none of us can foresee with certainty where each next step will take us. While it is certainly possible to use the lessons learned along the path to inform future directions, there are no guarantees that where you land will be where you want to remain. Dreams change over time, hopes mature, and our opportunities will multiply as your competencies expand.

The One Thing Constant in Life Is Change

Standing still is often more difficult than moving forward in this fast-paced world. Accepting that humans are programmed for forward momentum and that human evolution has given us quite a rich and powerful mind, it is clear that stagnation is the antithesis of what the human condition should be!

Embrace the Moment, but Only for The Moment

When you step into something you would rather have not, don’t let yourself get mired in the muck. Sure, it's okay to take a breath and curse your fate, if you must, but turn this brief unpleasant stop into merely a step along the way into the next direction.

Humans can grow from adversity so let your false steps be just that—false steps on the path to living your own, unique, individual, authentic life. Your “step” may be another’s stop. That’s okay. None of us are here to dictate to another what their life should be, but we do have the responsibility to make sure we propel ourselves forward into our own best futures. Don't let yourself stop too long along the way in places that don’t make sense for who you are becoming, not just who you are today.

Savor Every Step of a Journey—It Does NOT have to be your Final "Stop"

Savor every step, no matter where it leads you, as "proof positive" that you have not yet reached your final stop in reaching your potential. Every path taken provides a unique journey on the way to becoming the person you are meant to be—or would like to become. Savor each step knowing only you can decide when you've reached your final destination.

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