James D. Huysman Psy.D., LCSW

Life in the Recovery Room

Peace Is An Achievable Goal

Wishing you a year filled with peace, love and O2!

Posted Jan 01, 2015

“Peace” is a prevalent theme this time of year.  “Peace on Earth”, “World Peace”, etc. are lofty ideals that we aspire to because they connect us with others outside of ourselves.  However, neither can ever be achieved without each us first developing “Inner Peace” or “Peace of Mind” - yes, that’s where it all begins!

Caregivers, particularly, can get so caught up in making everything ‘just perfect’ for everyone else that the enjoyment is sucked right out of them,  When doing becomes duty, we’re headed for trouble.  When we believe that ‘it’s just not good enough’, we are flirting with disaster.  The cycle plays out like this: perfection leads to procrastination leads to paralysis!  Where’s the peace in that?

Some of us have been able to experience and maintain a personal sense of peace - through meditation, mindfulness, connecting with nature or faith in God, while others see it as an unachievable goal, something desired that’s always just out of reach.

Amazingly, we humans can be in the most beautiful, peaceful surroundings on earth yet be totally incapable of feeling peaceful at all.  Peace, it seems is an inside job.  

Have you noticed that whenever your mind is abuzz with worry or other distractions that what you’re focusing on seems to grow? There is an axiom for that! Feeding a problem will only make it grow stronger and therefore, seemingly unsolvable.  By the same token, nurturing peace can put whatever is wrong into perspective and make room for solution. 

Acceptance and detachment are the master keys to peace.  When we are able to cease trying to force outcomes by manipulation or control we begin to embrace peace.  Acceptance is allowing people, places and things to be exactly what they are.  Detachment (ideally with love) is the ability to be OK in whatever storm may be raging around you.

Noted healer and author, Deborah King, offers this provacative affirmation, “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better at holding whatever happens in an uplifting light”. 

Practice peace and you will come to know peace. Peace is a choice; a wonderful gift you can give to yourself throughout the coming year and beyond.  It is priceless.

Wishing you a year filled with peace, love and O2!