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Greetings from a wounded healer for caregivers and carees around the world.

Posted May 16, 2010

Hello to all who are reading this blog for the first time -- it's also my first posting so feel safe in the fact that from here we'll grow together!

Many thanks to Psychology Today for allowing my voice to be heard, not just as an author, psychologist, proud social worker, addictions counselor or compassion fatigue therapist -- but as a human being.
All my above titles are window dressing and are only part of the journey - one that should never take the place of our responsibility to take care of our own lives first. It is through a personal healing journey that begins with the selfless love of others that I am reminded, Peace Begins With Me.
The name I chose for this blog, Life in the Recovery Room, is particularly appropriate and very special to me. It was the name of a book that my Mother was writing before her passing. Dr. Arlene Huysman was an amazing person that never gave up and inspired me to advocate for the mentally challenged, create TV Aftercare®, develop Leeza's Place and understand that a caregiver's first priority is to "give care" to their own mind, body and soul. "Dr. Mom" was an author and psychologist, and an eternal spirit who truly was the center of the universe for so many. Upon her passing many wondered how their planets would orbit without their sun - but as she taught us, we now had the power to become our own Suns.
She and my beautiful sister in Raleigh, Pam Koretsky LCSW, always supported me no matter how dark the world became, encouraged me to "embrace my shadow" and as Carl Jung said, "invite it to lunch." It is no wonder that I followed these two very strong and empowered women in my choice of career.
I introduce them first in my new blog rather than my book or myself because today I work with my own wounds, wounded healers, recovering addicts and alcoholics, and the mentally challenged, in ways I never thought imaginable because of their tireless love and support for me.
I found my way to this blog through friends who have set up a powerful social networking site called They are so aware that Recovery equals Balance and Recovery Equals Connection. In The Rooms is there to support addicts and alcoholics across the globe.

Over the days, months and years ahead, my work in addictions and co-addictions, and especially my work with caregivers of chronic illness and the professionals in that field, will be the "sun" of this blog. My work with others will be be featured, as will my attempt to keep healing my own life each and every day. For better or for worse, it will all be here.
Thanks to those who came before me who have allowed a wounded healer, working with the wounds of others, to have a place to reflect; and this wounded healer is thankful every day to be here.
Welcome to Life in the Recovery Room.

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Dr. James D. Huysman, LCSW, is an advocate of integrating behavioral health training into mainstream medical settings. He is a certified compassion fatigue therapist who speaks at conferences and with national media.

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