Setting “Whole Body” Intentions as a Valentine’s Gift to You

Listening to your heart and head's wisdom

Posted Feb 11, 2014

In the years that I have been a seeker and teacher of personal growth, I like many others, have searched for the “magic bullet”: the newest formula, the ultimate solution to help me set and manifest my goals and to stop self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs that stop me from achieving those goals.

What I discovered is listening to my body’s wisdom when setting any intention is the most direct, authentic and beneficial way to have clarity about what I really want and what may be stopping me from having it. Otherwise, if I use my head, I wind up setting goals that I think others want, or intend to do what will make others in my life happy with me, not myself. No thanks. I’ve done it that way too many times and it never serves me.

February is about self love

This time of the year is a perfect time to assess what you desire. And not just your external intentions but what will strengthen your internal satisfaction, and rebuild a greater sense of self-awareness and control, purpose, and fulfillment of your human potential.

To gain clarity about what you want to create for yourself this year include an increased level of body and emotional awareness.

What I suggest is when you set an intention, listen to your body’s signals and sensations when you declare them.

Here’s an example.

“What I desire is to create a wonderful loving life partner this year.”

Then take a deep breath and listen to what your body is telling you.

Does your intention activate warmth inside or tense up your chest? When you make your declaration, did you stop breathing or cross your arms and protect your heart or did you feel more expanded and confident?

In your body are memories, fears, and joys that may be talking to you about your intention. Everything you’ve ever felt or experienced is stored in the library of your flesh, not just in your brain. Issues that may be blocking you from happiness and success live in your body, from memories held in your cells.

Give yourself a special gift this year by listening to what your heart and gut have to say about your intentions—not just your head.

About the Author

Steve Sisgold is a Body Centered Therapist, the author of What's Your Body Telling You?, and a life coach to authors, Grammy winners, business leaders and more.

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