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Spin Wars: The antidote to spindoctrination

Spin Wars- The antidote to spindoctrination

Posted Aug 27, 2010

Spin Wars

It was the time of the Spin Wars. Darkness covered the land. A contagion of lies, a virus of false words and acts, spread ill will, toxic pollution and terror to all corners of the globe. No one, it seemed, was spared the plague of Spin. The media, the politicians, the merchants, the popular heroes, the most cherished institutions, and even the people themselves were infected with the Spin virus. No mind was spared this condition.

Truth became passé, unpopular, even taboo. Winning, profiting, hiding, surviving, getting one's way-these were what mattered most. Language became a shield to avoid feeling, to hide truth, to manipulate others. Sides formed and went to war using words as weapons to defeat others, and shields cover up deceit. People lost faith in their leaders, in each other, and themselves.

Meanwhile, small bands of rebels formed across the land, seeking the knowledge and power that could restore hope and unity, and set the people's minds free of Spin. Finally they held a great council and chose a young knight to go on a mission. They sent him off to find the great Sage who, according to legend, possessed a magic potion that would rid the mind of Spin thoughts. This knight traveled for years, far and wide, to many lands. He met sages who had wisdom, but lacked the potion he sought. He met charlatans who dazzled the hopeful with illusions made of Spin. But he did not find the sage with the healing potion. In time, his hope began to fade.

Then on one moonlit night, as he journeyed through a dark forest, he felt a powerful force pulling him toward a clearing. There he saw an ancient figure, half human, half angel, sitting on a large stone. Out of habit, the young knight drew his sword, while the being only stared with blinking heavy-lidded eyes, radiating profound wholeness and peace. For the first time in years, the knight felt the chaos of Spin thoughts within his mind begin to subside. He knew he had found the one he sought.

"You are the great sage my people speak of," he lowered his sword and bowed with deep reverence. "I have been searching for you, seeking the magic potion they say you have, that heals and frees the mind from the confusion and delusions of Spin!"
"Put away your sword, young seeker", the sage said. "And I will help you find an inner sword that cuts through Spin."
"Master, what is this inner sword you speak of?" asked the knight. "They told me you have a magic potion..."

"There is no potion," said the Sage. "Only Truth defeats the illusions and fears that spin the mind, and life, out of balance."
"Where is this truth? I haven't found it in the world, or in my mind."

"Truth isn't in the world that spins out of control," the sage replied. "And it isn't found in the mind by thinking."
"Then where?" 

The sage peered at the knight, and spoke with soft urgency.

"Listen, seeker, while I tell you a secret. The truth lives in your body. And you find it through feeling."
"I don't understand..."

"Your body is a living manual, inscribed with living truth. Every cell is rich in coded information. All your experience and knowledge, your pain and joy, your forgotten secrets and your deepest truths, are recorded in the cellular library of your flesh. Your body has its own intelligence, a natural brilliance that knows the truths your mind can't find on its own. It speaks to you directly in a language of sensations and feelings. Learn to listen to your brilliant body, to feel its truths, and it will guide you with unerring wisdom through each moment of your life."

The knight closed his eyes and listened intently within. "Yes...I feel it...a power flowing within me. I can feel my Spinning mind coming to rest.

The sage nodded gently, eyes half-closed.

"When your mind and body merge in feeling you can align your thoughts, words and acts to your vision. Then this power fills you, and flows through you into the world. Then you attract what you most desire in life. Then you find the peace, love and joy you seek."
A look of understanding dawned in the knight's face.

"Then I will become the sword that cuts through the Spin in the mind, and in the world. Then...the Spin Wars will end."
"Yes, seeker," The Sage nodded approvingly. "It is time."

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