Sex addiction in the rich and famous means being hooked on adrenaline

An adrenaline crash is more powerful than an adrenaline rush.

Posted Jan 04, 2010

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Sex addiction in Jane and John Doe is more about relief. 

Sex addiction in the rich and famous is more about addiction to excitement.

Sex addiction in the rich and famous is slightly different than sex addiction in Jane and John Doe. For the rich and famous, the addiction is more about being hooked on adrenaline. However what such people that are excitement junkies never bargained for or prepared for is the fact that the thrill of an adrenaline rush is exceeded by the anguish of an adrenaline crash. It is similar to the crash off cocaine and people who are hooked on that will do almost anything to avoid it. Something that is both ultra-challenging (”Let’s see if I can get that babe at the bar to go upstairs and have sex with me”) plus forbidden (”Let’s see if I can get away with something that if caught could ruin my reputation”) is both a recipe for excitement, an adrenaline rush and disaster. There will always be an asterisk attached to Bill Clinton’s and now Tiger Woods’ careers because of their succumbing to it.

Sex addiction in the Jane and John Doe's of the world is about finding something that often starts with dealing with sexual rejection where a mate who withholds sex can trigger in their partner sexual acting out through a prostitute, an affair or pornography. Unfortunately that can escalate and become a quick way to relieve tension or feeling scattered and to a certain extent anxiety and depression. Or it can just be a way to rescue them from boredom. In average people it’s less about the excitement of an adrenaline rush than it is about relief.

There usually is a window of relief and even some calmness and ability to focus after engaging in the addiction when people can focus on what they need to do. The problem is that over time those periods of calmness and focus become less and less. And despite sexually addicted individuals proclaiming, “This will be the last time I engage in it,” after each incident, their will power is sadly no match for their addictive urges.

The reason a residential rehab program is so critical whether you’re one of the rich and famous or Jane or John Doe is that once you become swallowed up by it, you need an immersion program to interrupt the cycle.