Is Your Therapist a Narcissist?

If your therapist is like this one, return her to the store and get another.

Posted Jun 28, 2016

© Donna Barstow All Rights Reserved
Source: © Donna Barstow All Rights Reserved

My last cartoon was about feeling paranoid; you might have a sensible reason, after all.

I wondered if a therapist really could be a narcissist, and Dr. Mark Banschick has already answered the question. His answer: a very qualified yes. He reminds us that many therapists are in therapy themselves, and like any of us, might have unmet needs. However,

The patients' needs come first. This is what makes us professionals.

So, probably most mental health professionals are not narcissists.

But some of them do seem to feel they're better than everyone else, right? Funny, when you look this up in a search engine and type "doctors think..." , the first result is "doctors think they are God." Ha!

Maureen Dowd wrote for the New York Times: Decoding the God Complex. She talks about "Doubters" and "Believers."

Doubters trust nature and time, and think doctors don't know everything. Believers sign up for surgery.

So I'm a Doubter. I trust therapists, and therapy, but everyone knows that when you're really unhappy or sick, you should go straight to Google first.

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