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If You Do This, Will You Get That?

Magical thinking might not work, but it feels so good.

Posted Mar 31, 2016

© Donna Barstow All Rights Reserved
Source: © Donna Barstow All Rights Reserved

My most recent cartoon was about internet dating and loneliness

Like other artists, sometimes a line from a book or movie will stick in my mind until I do a cartoon -- or several cartoons!-- with that theme or rhythm. Remember Field of Dreams? Even if you don't like baseball movies, you might recognize that iconic quote: If you build it, they will come.

It's a wonderful idea, that if we do one thing, something good is bound to happen, or at least an obstacle will disappear. It makes us feel more in control, and also gives hope. Do you believe in magic? (Lovin' Spoonful)

Dr. Lickerman indulges in a little philosophy, when he tries to define magical thinking:

We can't escape the intrinsic subjectivity with which we experience and interpret objective events. The best we can do is rigorously question the criteria we use to decide something is true.

It's a shaky line in the sand. Mental health professionals constantly advise to take action, or get ready for a change you want to happen. Even "act as if" you are already in a good place.

So I'll go ahead with my dream, and follow up in this space about my results...when my apartment is good and ready.

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Next time: What if your skepticism turns into paranoia? Maybe that will keep you alive!

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