Do You Have This Common Problem?

Stay cool, and don't have a meltdown.

Posted Dec 29, 2015

Source: ©DonnaBarstow

Every year I dread the weeks/months after Christmas, and every year I completely forget to be sad over that, in my worries about the future. Hey, we all deal.

An article in Realbuzz suggests the top 10 ways to beat the Christmas blues. I liked the one about the importance of laughter, of course. Ha ha.

But I'm not sure about facing my fears; that's a toughie. And their suggestion to emigrate to another country is pretty drastic.

They also discuss SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and the importance of adding more healthy foods to your diet: marmite, or oily fish? I can't decide.

Be sure to add your own ways of feeling happy again after Christmas, in the comments. Or are you excited about the new year?

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