Which Part of Yourself Do You Hide the Most?

We're watching you, anyway.

Posted May 02, 2014

nurse in emergency room makes fun of a man's fancy boxers

Your mother warned you about this, didn't she?

Sure, our mothers warned us that we should always be ready (and clean), in case of emergency. Smart women, because didn't they really mean that our secrets could be revealed at any time, and to be prepared for this exposure?

Of course, it's natural (and good manners) to keep many things private, including parts of our bodies. But sometimes, in spite of our modesty (or defenses), things slip out. And people notice them.

Of course, most people won't point fingers as much as this health care professional, or nurse. And she could just be jealous of the silk, after all.

Readers might remember, I did another cartoon in Psychology Today about undergarments and shame. In that cartoon, a woman's undergarments and body image were the issue, including how she perceives others see her.

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