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Take a little "me" time to think about what's important to you.

Posted Mar 06, 2015

Unsplash, Creative commons zero
Source: Unsplash, Creative commons zero

A little positive self-reflection can be a very nurturing thing to do.  Here are 8 questions to stimulate your thinking. There are no right or wrong answers. 

For each question, rank the items from most to least important, 1 = Most important, 4 = Least important.

1. Which types of relationships are most important to you? (1 = Most important, 4 = Least important)

  • Immediate family
  • Friends
  • Extended family
  • Colleagues

2. Which do you most want to be known for? (1 = Most important, 4 = Least important)

  • Your career achievements
  • Your humanitarian or environmental works
  • Your passion or skills for a particular hobby
  • Your personal style

3.  Which of the following personal qualities do you value the most in yourself?    (1 = Most important, 4 = Least important)

  • Warmth
  • Bravery
  • Grit / Persistence
  • Reliability

4. Which of the following personal qualities is your greatest weakness? (1 = Most important, 4 = Least important)

5. Which do you find the most energizing? (1 = Most important, 4 = Least important)

  • Reading a book or blog
  • Meeting a friend
  • Giving a speech
  • Making something cool

6. Which do you find the most restorative? (1 = Most important, 4 = Least important)

7. Which is most important to your sense of emotional balance? (1 = Most important, 4 = Least important)

  • Having a manageable amount of things to do
  • Fitting in social time
  • Being continually exposed to new information and ideas
  • Keeping up routines and not having those disrupted 

8. What kicks you into action mode? (1 = Most important, 4 = Least important)

  • Setting a specific goal
  • A healthy sense of competition with colleagues 
  • Experiencing success (action leads to more action)
  • Reading or hearing something inspiring
Penguin, used with permission
Source: Penguin, used with permission

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