5 Gratitude Questions to Get to Know Yourself Better

Ask yourself these 5 questions to cultivate gratitude and get to know yourself.

Posted Jul 31, 2012

Gratitude is psychological strength that you can cultivate. It's consistently associated with higher life satisfaction.

Gratitude by hurricanemaine.

Here are five questions to help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude. These questions are focussed on what you might feel grateful for about your childhood

1. What positive values did you acquire as a result of childhood influences?

For example, you feel grateful that you were exposed to a particular TV series or book that promoted the idea that it was ok to be an individual and do life your own way.

2. Who did you feel nurtured by as a child? Who helped you develop a positive view of yourself? 

For example, an aunt helped you out with a hobby that your Mom and Dad weren't interested in.

3. Who provided role models of self-acceptance when you were a child?

For example, your Mom had positive body image.

4. Who provided you with a sense of life's possibilities as a child? 

Personal example: I had a school teacher who had lived in Zambia with her husband and children, and this was the first experience I had of someone I knew having done something that exciting.

5. What difficult experiences did you have as a child that have led to you being a more resilient or empathic adult?

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