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Good in Bed: Funny Men Give More Orgasms

Women with humorous partners experience more and stronger orgasms.

Humor is sexy. People with a great sense of humor are attractive as mates and enjoy better mating success. This is true especially for men who use humor to attract mates, as humor is one of the most desired traits by women when choosing a mate. I have written in the past about why a man with a sense of humor is more attractive and what information humor conveys to potential partners. Basically, humor is a sign of intelligence, and women want intelligent partners, as intelligence helped individuals survive in ancestral environments, made men better partners, and in today’s world, helps men get a better job and higher status.

A new study examines whether women whose partners have a great sense of humor also have more orgasms. Previous studies demonstrate how women with partners who have more symmetrical faces, are more attractive, richer, or who are more muscular experience more orgasms. The purpose of this study is to expand on these findings by examining additional features, one of which is a sense of humor.

The study included 54 female students who were in a relationship with a man. For the purpose of this study, only vaginal orgasms were counted, largely because they are the most relevant to reproduction. Obviously, orgasms as a result of oral sex are not directly related to the birth of a child.

The results showed that the best predictors of the number and intensity of orgasms were how satisfied a woman is with her partner, how much she was attracted to him, his income, and his self-confidence, as rated by his partner. Also, the more orgasms a woman had, the stronger her orgasms were.

Other factors that predicted the woman's sexual pleasure were the age when she had sex for the first time (the younger the woman was, the more orgasms she has now), the number of sexual partners (more partners resulted in greater enjoyment). Partner's intelligence, motivation, determination, and ability to concentrate were also good indicators of a woman's orgasms, which means that even those who are not blessed with other features still have hope.

Perhaps most interesting for the purposes of this blog, a sense of humor was also a good predictor of sexual pleasure. Women with partners who had a great sense of humor enjoyed more orgasms and stronger ones as well. Women also reported that funny partners were more popular, more intelligent, more creative, and had better leadership skills than men who did not have a great sense of humor. Women also initiated more sex with men who have a great sense of humor and had more sex with them in general (for good reason apparently). They also felt safer and more committed to their partner.

In conclusion, a partner with a great sense of humor has many advantages for women, including a better sex life and more sexual enjoyment. It is important to note that the relationships found in this study, while only correlational, are consistent with what we know about the allure of humor. The study reinforces the importance of humor in relationships, and it will be interesting to examine whether this relationship is also true for men who have sex with funny women (my prediction would be that it would not exist or would be much weaker).

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