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What Your Home Says About You

Reflect on what you like about your space—and what you might like to change.

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Our home conveys messages about who we are. It also contains clues that can help us better understand ourselves.

Colors. Look at your home’s dominant colors, interior and exterior, including any garden. Do they more signal energy or peace? Cheer or soberness? Are they showy or restrained? Does that reflect who you are or what you need?

Décor. Consider the totality of your furniture, lighting, flooring, etc, Does it create more of an aura of crisp efficiency or of soft coziness? Does that serve you? Does it convey what you’d like it to, assuming you care about that?

Anomalies. What’s unusual about your home? For example, I have multiple varieties of the same plant three types of zinnia, four of tomato, 30 roses. That reflects my enjoying evaluating for excellence. What’s an anomaly in your home?

Cleanliness. On the continuum from operating-room perfect to pigsty, where does your home usually land? Is your home usually cluttered with stuff strewn, sink usually dish-filled, or does everything tend to be picked up; even your closets are orderly: What does that say about you: A belief that cleanliness is next to Godliness? A thoroughness that is to be admired or disparaged as misplaced priority?

Photos and paintings. What’s on your walls: mainly people or inanimate objects? More specifically, are the images mainly of family or friends? Nostalgic or current? Landscapes or more focused? Do they convey a value such as political, familial, sexual, or spiritual? What does that say about you and your priorities?

Cost vs benefit. Do your home’s furniture and decoration reflect your prioritizing cost-effectiveness or luxury with price secondary? For example, is your home more Ikea or Restoration Hardware? Flea market or Pottery Barn?

Books. Scan your bookshelves. What are the dominant themes? A few examples: personal growth, intellection, escape, science, how-to. What does that say about you and about your needs and desires?

The takeaway

Does reviewing your answers suggest one or more things about you? If so, is that something you like or that you want to change? Does it create the impression you’d like others to have of you? If not, what might you want to change?

Especially with the pandemic appearing to be continuing, our homes are ever more, if not our castle, our main hangout. Perhaps your answers will help you feel better about your home and even about yourself.

I read this aloud on YouTube.

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