Aging Well...Part 2

A counterpoint to Part 1's more sober advice.

Posted May 27, 2018

a1r2c3, cc 4.0, Wikimedia
Source: a1r2c3, cc 4.0, Wikimedia

My wife, Dr. Barbara Nemko read my post yesterday, Aging Well, and felt that it too reflected my serious self. She came up with a number of happier approaches to aging well.

She reminded me that retirement brings the gift of time, for example, the joy of not having to get up to an alarm clock, in the dark. And once up and perhaps after lounging over the news and a cup of coffee, you can do activities you had too little time for when working. She offers these examples:

  • See a morning movie or matinee stage play.
  • Take a class for the pure fun of it—current events to golf, salsa dancing to swimming to yoga.
  •  Join a book, video, or article club or start one that’s cut from your own cloth.
  • Write a column or restaurant reviews for your local newspaper or community newsletter, for example, NextDoor.
  • Volunteer at a local school, animal rescue, or homeless shelter.
  • Do lunch.
  • Take day trips.
  • Redecorate.
  • Play bridge, mah jongg, poker, etc.
  • Experiment with cooking.
  • Get a dog.

So, there's some yin to balance my yang. Hopefully somewhere in all that you’ll find ways to age well.

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