Taking Stock at Year-End

An in-depth self-appraisal can jumpstart your 2018 action plan.

Posted Dec 08, 2017

Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain
Source: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Year-end is a good time to inventory your life. So, here are seven aspects of life. For any you’re not happy with, is there one thing you’d like to consider doing in 2018?

Career. Are you in the right career? The right job within that career? Should you be negotiating for more money? A better-suited job description? The option to telecommute? Do you want to make better use of your time? Is there a skill you want to develop? Should you be more ambitious? Less?

Money. Are you spending as much or as little as you think wise? Are you saving/investing enough? Is it well invested?  As regular readers of my work know, I’m a fan of Vanguard All-in-One Funds: low-cost, tax-adv advantaged diversification. (Note: I am not a licensed financial advisor. While many pros do recommend these funds to many people, I offer it merely as an amateur's opinion.)

Relationships. Are you satisfied with your romantic relationship(s) or lack thereof? Would you like to add or replace one? How about your platonic relationships?  Anything you want to do differently with your children? Want more or less involvement with anyone in your family of origin?

Unpaid activities. Would you like to add or subtract a creative, athletic, or volunteer activity?

Physical health. Anything you want to change about your diet, exercise, or use of tobacco or mind-altering substance?

Mental health. Do you want to change how you’re addressing stress, anger, depression, and/or anxiety?

Other (specify:)

The Takeaway

Did the above self-assessment unearth at least one thing you want to do, perhaps as a New Year's resolution?