16 Tweets on Relationships

Short takes on romantic relationships, friends, parenting, and dogs

Posted Apr 22, 2017

JD Hancock, Flickr, CC 2.0
Source: JD Hancock, Flickr, CC 2.0

Here are the favorite of my tweets on relationships.

Everyone needs hope, often desperately. Look for honest ways to give it.

Ever get tired of being nice? Tempted to throw caution to the wind and say what you really think?

Some people are nice to compensate for not being good.

If someone smiles at you with pursed lips,usually it's because they’re shy or don’t like you.

People should tell prospective parents how much more demanding parenting is than they realize.

In parenting, praise when you can, and when you can’t, try invoking guilt, for example, “I know you’re better than this.” That builds intrinsic motivation.

Friends are underrated compared with family. After all, you choose friends, not family. As the saying goes, “No family can hang the sign, "Nothing's the matter here."

It's sad that many people prefer a silly, manipulative, games-playing, selfish hottie over an ugly, intense, honest, kind person?”

What percent of people buy a Valentine’s Day gift for their partner out of obligation rather than because they want to? Does it differ by gender, and if so, why?

Beware saying, "Marry me or else." Later, when you have the inevitable problems, s/he'll think, "I shouldn't have let him/her pressure me." Lovelessness or divorce becomes more likely.

Over time, culture can become genetic. In choosing a mate, Culture A, for example, has long prioritized intelligence over looks; Culture B vice-versa.

Are you a loving stay-at-home spouse of a not-rich person if you buy brand-new cars, Coach purses, etc. on credit?

Many people turn to computers because they may be more interesting, trustworthy, and low-maintenance than people are.

Even Hitler and arch-curmudgeon Schopenhauer loved dogs.

Just one breed  of dog is responsible for 71% of the people killed by dogs: pit bull.

My father said, The Nazis took five years of my life. I won’t give them one minute more. Never look back. Always take the next step forward.. Most of my successful clients and friends do that.

HERE is a YouTube video of me reading these tweets aloud.

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