YOUR Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future

Does your past and present suggest a change you want in 2017?

Posted Dec 27, 2016

Howard Lake, CC 2.0
Source: Howard Lake, CC 2.0

Why is A Christmas Carol a foolproof Holiday favorite? Because we can all relate to seeing the light, redemption for past errors, and the promise of a better tomorrow that can start right now.

But as with all lessons, A Christmas Carol’s too quickly fades from our memories. In an attempt to increase its longevity, here are questions that may help.

Your Christmas Past

Think back to your “Christmas Past.”  For each of the following time periods in your life, ask yourself if you have a major regret. If so, write it down.

Before puberty

Your high school years

Your college years or years 18-22 if you didn’t go to college

Your first years after college or years 22 to 30

Years 30-40

Years 40-50

Years 50-60

Years 60+.

Your Christmas Present

Think about each of these aspects of your present life. Give each a letter grade on this scale from “A” if you’re happy with it and “F” if you’re unhappy with it.

Your career

Your romantic relationship(s)

Your relationship with your children

Your relationship with your parents

Your relationships with your friends

Your spending/saving/investing habits.

Your physical health

Your mental health

Your recreational life

Your charitable efforts, with money or time

The meaning of your life.

Your Christmas Future

Looking at the above, is there one change you’d like to make, perhaps starting even right now, to make your "Christmas Future" better?

Career and personal coach Marty Nemko can be reached at He got a lovely Christmas present--His book, The Best of Marty Nemko was published in its 2nd edition on Christmas Eve.