Not Your Usual Father's Day Present

More meaningful ways to say "Happy Father's Day" than a tie.

Posted Jun 17, 2016

Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain
Source: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Many dads (stepdads count too)  don't need yet another tie, gadget, or bottle of booze. Even if they did, such gifts bear the odor of obligation, not of affection.

Even if your dad is far from perfect, as long as you'd like to express some appreciation and/or build your relationship, Father's Day is a natural opportunity. These presents might help.

  • A letter of appreciation. How about listing favorite memories of your dad and you? For example, the time he patiently taught you something? Or when he offered wise words after you screwed up? Or just let him know that he taught you good values by demonstrating work ethic and clean living. Prefer a medium other than text? How about creating a collage of those memories or even a brief "Thank you, Dad" video, which you create simply by talking into your phone.
  • A gift of your time. Today, most people have so much to do, so little time. So your father might appreciate a gift certificate for a few hours of your time to use as he sees fit. Most dads will find that more heartfelt and bonding than some tangible item.
  • If you're going to go tangible, rather than store-bought, want to make him something? For example, how about a scrapbook of father/child memories? Or something ceramic. For example, if he drinks coffee, there are stores that let you make a ceramic mug, onto the bottom of which you can etch something poignant like, "I molded this clay as you molded me, except your efforts came out better, Love, Mary."
  • A way to some dads' hearts really is through their stomach. Want to make him your favorite dish, dessert, or even a whole dream meal for which he picks the menu? Or if you cook as poorly as I do, do your want to take him out for that dream meal?
  • Tickets to something he'd enjoy but wouldn't normally do, for example, good seats to a great play. Or, here's an inexpensive example: Might he enjoy going to a college or even Little League baseball game? Should you offer to accompany him?
  • Or exchange the element of surprise for assurance he'll like what you get him: Ask him what he'd like, perhaps giving him a few choices.

We live in an era in which society's mind-molders (the colleges and media) tend to lionize women and disparage men as inferior sleazes and/or dolts. Father's Day is a natural opportunity to give credit where credit is due.

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