Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number (Sometimes)

Forget about your age: Just do it!

Posted Sep 08, 2013

Examples of “older” individuals completing great feats of persistence and drive need not be restricted to the cerebral realm. Athletic accomplishments abound as well. A few days ago, Diana Nyad a sixty-four year old long-distance athlete managed to swim from Havana (Cuba) to Key West (Florida) in 53 hours and without the use of a shark cage or swim fins. This was apparently her fifth attempt, the first of which dates back to 1978. Hence, that which she could not achieve in her twenties, she managed to complete in her sixties!

Bottom line: My objective with these two brief but profoundly inspirational stories is not to romanticize aging by somehow suggesting that it all gets better with age. It doesn’t. However, I do believe that most of us place undue mental shackles on ourselves by wrongly assuming that we are “too old” to undertake new and exciting challenges. If you are of sound mind and body, many exciting and challenging adventures are within your reach irrespective of your age. Let us hope that these are not the hopeful but deluded ramblings of a middle-aged man (me, really?) wishing to feel young! ☺

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