Breast Symmetry and the Menstrual Cycle.

Is she ovulating? Watch her breasts.

Posted Aug 02, 2010


John Manning and his colleagues set out to test the cyclic asymmetry of several traits including women's ears, digit ratios, and breasts (this last one being a sexually selected trait). Of relevance to today's post, the researchers used cranio-caudal mammograms of 280 premenopausal women to calculate their breast asymmetry, with thirty-four of the women having used oral contraceptives within the two months prior the mammography. The data contained the necessary information to establish on which day of a woman's menstrual cycle the mammogram was taken. Accordingly, Manning et al. could test whether scores of breast asymmetry varied across the cycle.

As expected, they found that the greatest symmetry occurred during the most fertile phase of a woman's menstrual cycle. Of equal interest, shortly prior to this fertile period (no pun intended), breast asymmetry was quite high. In a sense, this creates a contrast effect such that it increases the likelihood of a male partner picking up the morphological change (and hence alerting him in a subtle manner to the woman's ovulatory status).

Hence, when women state that they feel and look sexier during the fertile phase of their cycles, they are perhaps in part responding to these subtle symmetry changes.

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