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The Barry White Effect: Men With Deep Voices Have More Children.

Reproductively speaking, it pays for men to have deep voices.


Coren Apicella, David Feinberg, and Frank Marlowe tested this exact premise in a paper published in Biology Letters. They collected data from 49 men and 52 women, all of which were part of the Hadza people (Tanzanian hunter-gatherers). Of note, the researchers explained that whereas the great majority of Hadza couplings are monogamous, some men (4%) take up two spouses. The participants pronounced a word in Swahili, which was taped and subsequently analyzed (to establish voice pitch). The participants were also asked how many children they have had, and how many of these were still alive.

Controlling for age, women's voice pitch was not correlated to reproductive success whereas men with deeper voices sired a greater number of children (p = 0.020). Incredibly, the age and voice pitch of men explained 50% of the variance in the number of children that they had sired.

Apparently, not only is Barry White responsible for the birth of numerous babies (by getting couples into a loving mood via his music) but also a man with his deep voice produces more babies! To the youngsters out there, click here for some grown folks music by Mr. White. Rest in peace, playa'.


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