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Why Are High Heels So Enticing?

Sex and High Heels

Posted Feb 03, 2009

In chapter 3 of my book (The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption), I review several studies that have explored high heels from an evolutionary/biological perspective. It turns out that high heels raise the buttocks by around 20-30 degrees (depending on the size of the heel). In other words, it is an anti-gravity device meant to create a more youthful figure given that the effects of gravity are less than complimentary as we age. Hence, a Gestalt is created by the high heel, which caters to men's evolved visual preferences. As might be expected then, several consumption settings wherein sexuality is sold or promoted by women to men, will involve the wearing of high heels. Examples include the proclivity of pornographic actresses, strippers, and bikini models to wear high heels in film scenes, strip clubs, and beauty competitions respectively.

I should note that the wearing of high heels is the direct cause of severe podiatric injuries. That fact notwithstanding, this is not a manifestation of the evil patriarchy seeking to uncover new ways to harm women. Rather, both sexes go to great lengths to be impressive in the mating market, even if some of these attempts are self-harming (e.g., men engage in risky mating-relating behaviors that are exceptionally dangerous, as a means of impressing women).

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention a recent study by a woman urologist who apparently found that the wearing of high heels strengthens a woman's pelvic floor muscles, leading to improved sex.

Bottom line: the wearing of high heels is a win-win situation (sexy to men's eyes and better sex for women), unless you are a short man dwarfed by your high-heeled mate. I feel your pain Mr. Tom Cruise!

Manolo Blahnik: I'll be expecting my cut should there be a spike in the sales of high heels in the foreseeable future.

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