Why Dream Dictionaries Don't Always Work

Your dream chipmunk is not someone else's dream chipmunk.

Posted Sep 17, 2012

So why was a talking chipmunk sitting at your kitchen table and eating a turkey sandwich in your dream last night? 

You go right to a dream dictionary.  Wait a second...dreaming of a chipmunk means you're going to have an accident?  What??  Dreaming about your kitchen table means you're relationhip is going to end?  Greaaat.... 

Here's why dream dictionaries may not be accurate.  Your chipmunk is not someone's else's chipmunk.  The meaning you apply to a chipmunk is what your experience has been with chipmunks in day-to-day life.  If you've been attacked by a chipmunk in real life, dreaming of one may be a sign that you are experiencing something stressful or you feel attacked.  Maybe. 

Why maybe?  Because sometimes stuff in dreams is just...stuff.  It doesn't really have any meaning to it. You may be dreaming about a chipmunk because you watched a show about chipmunks earlier in the day.

Also, a dream dictionary that tells you an object in your dream predicts an event is a dream dictionary that may not know what it is doing.  While yes, some people can have prescient dreams, most people do not.  And there is no set rule that a chipmunk dream predicts any specific event. 

While yes, there are archetypes that extend across cultures, again, your chipmunk is not someone else's chipmunk. 

One of the best ways to figure out what your dreams may or may not be about is by writing them down when you wake up.  If you're short on time in the morning, record yourself talking about your dream.  Then write down what you think the dream means.  You are the expert in your dream symbolism. 

So the next time you dream about a giant platypus chasing you down a yellow brick road, you're probably doing just fine.


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