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Do you believe in fate?

Fate or luck or higher power? Or just a wonderful happening?

Many of the columns I write are taken from real life situations; whether it’s a client struggling with an addiction/recovery issue of their loved one, something that has popped up in my own life or a current event that catches my attention.

So why did the concept of fate grab my attention so thoroughly that I put aside the other column I was working on and opted to pursue this one?

Two days ago in the Kentucky Derby a 3 year old colt named California Chrome won that coveted title. The back story is amazing and for those whom are not familiar with it, it goes like this.

Briefly, two men that were not really entrenched in the world of horse racing partnered up and bought a mare for $8,000. She had only won one race and seemed to have a decent lineage, but the owners were glad to unload her for any amount of money. The new owners (which were being called Dumbass for making such a foolish purchase) paid a stud fee for about $1500.00 and behold a colt was born from this union. A big chestnut boy with a lovely white blaze (hence the word ‘Chrome’) was gently and lovingly raised in California until he was old enough to start to strut his stuff on the race course.

After win after win, California Chrome made his debut at the Kentucky Derby and took home the Mint Julep purse of 2 million dollars and the admiration of horse lovers, trainers and owners from all over the world. Though this would be enough to bring tears to the eye of anyone that champions the odds for victory in this “Rocky” type story, it doesn’t end here. The trainer of this beloved beast is a man that is 77 years old and waited 59 years to stand in the winner’s circle! (Sniff, sniff…I just love this stuff)

So, is this fate or luck? Is this a higher power intervention to have all the right elements come to together for such a Cinderella horse story to come true?

Luck reminds me of a roulette table and eventually runs out. So, I rule that out. I’ve become very comfortable being a strong believer in fate and such parallels a belief in a higher power. I think that major events in our life our predestined. I’m not talking about little every day occurrences, but I believe fate plays a role in mapping out the large challenges or fabulous victories in the road we travel. We have all heard stories about someone not wanting to go to this party or that event only to have found their future spouse or have an incident occur that might not have happened….good or bad.

I believe fate fingers certain folks to be destined to contribute to society above and beyond others through their intellect, drive, art, or just happenstance.

So let’s look at why I think believing in fate is comforting:

• It takes the pressure or burden off of us to always have the right answer, do the right thing.

• It takes us out of the driver’s seat and therefore relinquishes control.

• If we suit up and show up every day and take life as it’s presented, we can trust that things will unfold as they are meant to, even if it tears our heart apart.

• What’s meant to be will be and though frustrating, sad or even devastatingly difficult, it is what it is.

In the lovely saga of California Chrome, one of the owners stated that even before the colt was born he had a dream that he was going to run and win in the Kentucky Derby. He goes on to say that if one wants their dream badly enough then it will happen. Though warm and fuzzy to believe, I don’t buy that theory. There are many, many people that work very hard and dream about succeeding in their goals, but don’t. This is where I believe that fate either does or does not have a hand in the outcome regardless of our tireless efforts. If it’s in the blue print, then we are victorious, if not, then we just keep on ‘truckin’.

As I write this, I’m hoping that there is enough of a commonality between this wonderful inspirational, almost miraculous tale of lots of elements coming together to culminate in a spiritual, financial and amazingly emotional success and suggestion that fate was an important factor in making it all happen.

If we can wake up and tell ourselves that today is a new day and we will participate as best we can and accept whatever the fates may bring then we are as victorious as that adorable 3 year old colt and his amazing, believing owners and trainer!

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