Movies and Misery

A survey of adjectives used in the New Yorker May 7, 2018 "Movies" review.

Posted Aug 09, 2018

My wife was reading the New Yorker 'Movies' page in the May 7th issue, while we were stranded at an airport. She was struck with the amount of darkness throughout the reviews, and underlined the adjectives on the two pages in red. Here they are:

"Terrifying, disturbing, horrors (3x), psychological traumas, seething, fury, witless vulgarity, unhappy, arrogant jerk, alienates, ciphers, sexual obsession, macabre violence, ravaged, attack, isolated, fear, horror film, paranoia, deadly sabotage, terrorists, murdered, despair, dangerous, bloody."

Assuming the reviewer does not, him/herself need anti-depressants and that the reviews somehow reflect the tone of the covered movies, one can not ignore the effect such content has on viewers, no less on our society as a whole. If filling our bodies with junk food is not enough to make us ill, filling our minds with toxic concepts, stories, and imagery will do the trick.

Do yourself and those you love a favor. Be discriminating. Fill your belly with good food and your minds with constructive input about health, laughter, positive values, optimism, love, meeting, bringing good to the world. You and all in your circle will benefit.