Lighthearted. Light, As In The Light That Lights The Heart

Light, as in unencumbered. Weightless, as in free.

Posted Mar 27, 2017

Lighthearted. Yes, yes. One of my favorite phrases. Light, as in the light that lights the heart and the world. Light, as in unencumbered. Weightless. As in free.

As both Merriam and Webster so clearly define,

Definition of lighthearted

1:  free from care, anxiety, or seriousness:  happy-go-lucky a lighthearted mood

2:  cheerfully optimistic and hopeful:  easygoing they can be lighthearted in the midst of misery — H. J. Forman






free from care, anxiety, or seriousness:  happy-go-lucky

cheerfully optimistic and hopeful:  easygoing

When you're with friends, maybe even neighbors, and the invitation to play is just that - an invitation. And everybody is there for no other reason than to have fun together. You become lighthearted. And the light of your lighthearted heart is shared. A weight is lifted. A separation healed. A connection made visible.

It becomes a light that illuminates everything.

You feel a certain trust in each other, a certain certainty. People are there because they want to be. They want to play together. And when someone for some reason doesn't want to play, it's as valid a response to the invitation as playing is.

Any question about this being a good use of time is answered by the fun people are having.

The relevance of it all, to you and to the community, is everywhere manifest. You are each having fun together. No further explanation needed.

The value to yourself and to the community is self-evident, every moment of every game, even when all you're doing is watching, or hanging out in the kitchen talking. It's freedom, is what it is. It's community. It's, well, like being in love with people who love you, so to speak, in a way.

And because the kids are around, you're feeling all that without drugs, without alcohol even. So nothing can come between you and the authenticity of your experience. It's really you. Really them. It's magic, is what it is, this shared light, this heart. The fun of it all is so much more encompassing simply because you're doing it freely, together, in full consciousness, wholeheartedly and wholebodily.

This is the way it is when you come together to for fun.

You let loose. You let the light of being together into your very heart. You let the fun in. You let each other in.

Laughing hearts. Loving hearts. Light hearts. Much, very much, to the delight of all.

About the Author

Bernard De Koven is the author of The Well-Played Game. He writes on theories of fun and playfulness and how they affect personal, interpersonal, community and institutional health.

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