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On Having Fun

Play Is a Spiritual Path

and so, of course, is fun.

Posted Jan 09, 2017

Apparently, the idea that "fun is my spiritual path" is something I've found myself saying, and even believing, for a a goodly while. Like when I noted that "If you search for spiritual (and who doesn't?) my site -, you'll find almost enough posts to make you a believer. Hopefully, a believer in fun. Not Fun, but fun. Not Fun as an abstraction, but your own fun, your own sense of fun."

Somewhere along the line, sometime since then, I realized that I had made a different choice. Fun is good, but not enough. Something else. Something that connects me more intimately with my self, my world, you.

"Fun is good," I must've said to myself, "but play? Play is the thing."

Play. Playing with. Playing together, you and me, I and thou, for the fun of it, is, for me, spiritual enough, profound enough, enough to become the core of what I teach and share and, when I'm at my best, live.

Fun, I seem to have concluded, is a spiritual thing, alright. But when I'm at play, in play, freely, completely, with you, it's fun of a different kind, don't you know. It's spiritual, alright, but spiritual shared, spiritual squared. It's the kind of fun you have when you're having fun with someone who's having fun with you. Better, it's fun of the loving kind. Intimate fun. Deep, all around, resonating, all-embracing fun. It's more fun than fun, play is. More spiritual, even. It's where, for me, when I'm at my best, when I'm with you, it's at. Totally, entirely at. O, yes!

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