Bernard L. De Koven

On Having Fun

Thinking For the Fun of It

Do you like to think? Do you think it's because it's fun?

Posted Feb 25, 2016

Source: Pixabay

Do you ever find yourself thinking just for the fun of thinking? Do you ever find yourself thinking and have fun just finding yourself there? Just thinking? Do you think some kinds of thinking are more fun than others? Like thinking about the future? Or fun? (I like thinking about fun, a lot. I like thinking about play and games and especially about playfulness. And I even like thinking about thinking.) Do you think thinking alone is less fun than thinking with someone else who is thinking with you?

No, not meditating, not problem-solving, not searching for an answer, not even daydreaming (though you’re getting closer). Thinking. Not lost in thought. But found.

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