Bernard L. De Koven

On Having Fun

Fun That Takes You By Surprise

Of all the kinds of fun, spontaneous, emergent, unplanned fun is the best.

Posted Oct 09, 2015

The wonder that arises from the most wonderful of all games has nothing to do with score or even excellence, but rather is about that moment of fun that takes us by surprise. It's a kind of fun that happens, even when there is no game to be played. It's fun of the spontaneous kind.

We were in Israel with our son and his family. As a special treat (it was too rainy to go anywhere else) we decided to take them all to a movie. We found a theater that was playing Puss and Boots, in, of course, Hebrew. Fortunately, the youngest of the eight of us understood Hebrew as well as English, and the rest of us could find ample amusement in theirs.

When we reached the closing credits, we all noticed that the theater was empty. Completely. No one there but us. The youngest three took immediate action, and proceded to climb up to the stage, and do this:

After some seriously adult concerns about propriety and permission, we just gave in and watched the magic unfold. We were transported by their beauty into a realm that was, like I said, magical. I know, I know. It was our grandkids, and were were caught helpless by our love and appreciation for their incredible grace. And that, like the Hebrew, might not translate so well. But if you can separate yourself from our biases, and, accepting the gift of this, imagine yourself on the stage with them, in an empty movie theater, moved by the music and moment.

Sheer, spontaneous fun.