Bernard L. De Koven

On Having Fun

Happiness Happens

The only way we have to find happiness is to be there when it happens

Posted Aug 28, 2015

Source: Pixabay

Happiness happens.

Like rain happens. And the tide happens.

Happiness has little to do with you or me or my thoughts or your thoughts or anything we can do about them. And the only way we have to find happiness requires us to be there when it happens. Fully present and at our best.

This, from the article by Norbert Rath, "The Power to Feel Fear and The One to Feel Happiness are the Same," in the Journal of Happiness Studies Vol 3, No. 1 2002

"Happiness cannot be objectified as possession, it always needs to be experienced subjectively, somatically. (“With happiness it is like with truth: One does not have it, one is in it.”) Happiness cannot be prescribed and ordered; nothing can be done to guarantee happiness. (“Happiness goes beyond doing”.) Happiness (like fear) has to do with being open to experience which can overwhelm the self. Sexual and aesthetical experience are models for such overwhelming happiness. The sensation of happiness always is very personal, but in this experience the individual leaves its particularity behind. One has to differentiate between goal and object: Happiness may be a goal, but not it itself, only what obstructs it, can be an object of Critical Theory."

The more playful we are, the more likely it is that we're present enough to recoginize happiness.

The more fun we have the more likely that we'll embrace happiness.

When you have fun, you’re happy. When you’re deeply happy, you’re joyful, joyously. When you’re truly, deeply, and profoundly joyful, you reach a state of bliss.

Joy and bliss are experiences that you can get religious about and for. Happiness, not so much. Fun, not at all.

Fun, happiness and joy are part of the daily game. The winning part. Bliss, you’re not playing any more. Or you’re playing some other game all together. The game of life, perhaps. All of life. Death, too.

Fun, happiness, joy, bliss – things of the spirit. Each is a reflection of the others. Fun an intimation of joy, happiness of bliss.  Fun, just a little easier to find, to reach, to grasp, and, when necessary, to let go.

“Joy is overwhelming fun – fun so big that it overflows your mind, heart, body – as if all of life and love were spilling into you and you were spilling out.”

— The Oaqui

The more profoundly playful, the more deeply fun, the more likely we are to be fully there, fully at our best, so happiness happens with us.