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Dating Advice 101: Use A Mirror To Boost Self-Confidence

Dating Advice: A Mirror Exercise that Actually Boosts Self-Confidence!

We all know what it is like getting ready for a date or a big event, peering into the mirror and not liking what we see. The extra pound, a bulge here, a wrinkle there, a zit you can't get rid of, not to mention hair that absolutely will not cooperate with your brush. Yes, the mirror often shows us all the things we do not like about our bodies. It generates lots of negative self-talk and doubts about your attractiveness, especially when you are about to meet a new hottie for your first date.

But I just found some new studies that have shown something remarkable, something that flies in the face of all that! Researchers found that a mirror can actually work its magic in a positive direction if you know how to use it. In these studies obese adults and adolescents were told to look in a mirror and discuss their bodies in a positive way. After six mirror sessions the subjects shifted their focus from what they thought was wrong to what was right with their bodies. In other words, their self-talk changed. As a result, these obese people had an increase in their body satisfaction and experienced less disgust and anxiety about their appearance. This was true even for those who were depressed!! Remember also that many clinical studies have shown that shifting to more positive self-talk reduces anxiety and stress especially in social situations.

So my dating advice is this: when you are getting ready for a date, look in the mirror and find all the things that are right with your body. Notice how your eyes twinkle, how your arms have good definition, your beautifully-shaped hands. Appreciate one part of your body that you really like. Do this for at least 10 minutes or until you feel a positive shift in your mood.

From there, close your eyes and recall a time when you were completely happy and free--a time you felt loved or lovable. Maybe you were a child or adult at the beach or walking in the splendor of Nature. Or maybe you were being held by a loved one. Now open your eyes still maintaining those glowing and carefree feelings and look in the mirror. That shining and happy person is what I call your Diamond Self. From that state go out there ready to flirt, make eye contact and radiating positive energy and full of charisma. Doing the mirror exercise regularly will bolster your self-confidence and help you on your journey to finding real love. You can get more dating advice on skyrocketing your confidence so you are ready to date the ones you want through my free Dating and Relationship Advice Newsletter.