Someday Is Today

Thoughts from behind a bus in the Lincoln Tunnel

Posted May 06, 2013

Being stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel behind a bus doesn't exactly sound like a highlight.  Staring me in the face on the back of the bus was an advertisement for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society featuring their tag line,  "someday is today."  With little else to do, my mind began to focus on how that statement impacts my life and those of my family, friends, colleagues and clients.  The fact is, while we are a society that places a premium on immediate gratification; the other side of that equation is too often forgotten.  I see all too often the 'wants' becoming needs and the vision of a full rich future obfuscated by the desire for today's pleasures.

I have heard countless times the looks to the future with wonderful expectations. 

                "Someday, I will get out of debt."

                "Someday, I will have enough to retire."

                "Someday, I will be able to help my grandchildren go to college."

                "Someday, I will stop making bad decisions about my spending habits and start making smarter ones."

The 'someday' pile up, with little or no attention to reality. There are many factors that contribute to someday fantasy thinking.   For some, the idea of change is positively frightening, while others believe that the image they portray to the world will be impacted if they somehow begin to live within their means.  If you ask people who suffer from 'someday' thinking, you will find some common attributes:

                1. Their families probably didn't discuss money or money was the cause of conflict.

                2. They grew up without strong money messages that stressed the need to save and be willing to defer their wants.

                3. Money had little or no value to them personally; therefore, spending on whatever was normal.

                4. They saw success as extrinsic/tangible rewards. rather than peace of mind or more intrinsic.

Successful people know the difference between "show" and real wealth and possess or attain the resiliency needed to make meaningful changes in their lives.  Some of us are lucky enough to have been born into families with healthy, supportive and positive money messages, while others need to work hard to tear down old habits that are destructive so that they may build great habits that ultimately help them achieve their dreams.

The efforts necessary to make these changes are significant, unless you can see with total clarity that there is no option better than change.  The efforts must be consistent, measurable and supported by all involved.  The idea of change can be daunting, unless the desired results are so overwhelmingly powerful.  You can think of all the reasons to continue 'someday' thinking or you can channel your energies to better life; one that you deserve. What's stopping you?  After all, don't you want your someday to begin today?