Do It Just Because You Want To

Listening to yourself can help you feel happier

Posted Oct 03, 2016

Purchased from Deposit photos, Copyright evgenyatam, "Beautiful girl enjoying the sun"
Source: Purchased from Deposit photos, Copyright evgenyatam, "Beautiful girl enjoying the sun"

I was just looking for a blog post on doing things just because you want to do it.  I was trying to encourage one of my coaching clients to develop herself by honoring her own inclinations.  I couldn't find anything with the title "Do it just because you want to."  

I realized that even though there are lots of blog posts that point to tips and keys, there are very few that return you back to your own wisdom.

When we meditate, we return to the wiser self.  This is the same self that draws us toward what is healthy for us and away from that which isn't so growth-promoting.

So, I wanted to post a little entry on doing something just because you want to.

Now, let me be clear.  I'm not encouraging doing things that are pretty much universally agreed to be immoral, dangerous, unethical, illegal, or unhealthy!  So, if you're reading this blog to justify that type of behavior, move onto another blog.

What I'm referring to is the inner "yes" that

  • pulls you toward your interests,
  • makes it okay to talk to someone or reach out
  • allows you to take a nap when your tired
  • tells you to trust your inclinations.  

This is the self that says

  • I don't want to keep hanging out with that negative friend
  • Go for it!

It is the wise part of you that says, "I know you've always been told to ____, but you really love __________."  It is the part of you that is simple, clear, and aware of what feels on-course to you.

When you learn to honor this part of yourself and give yourself permission to have your wants, you start to communicate something important to yourself:  You're allowed to have what you want.  You're allowed to be here.  You're important.  What you want matters.

And I believe this is a first, and crucial, step to your long-range fulfillment in life, because it allows the true you to emerge.

Pamela D. Garcy, PhD, PLLC is a psychologist, life coach, and success trainer in Dallas, Texas.  Her first book, The Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune In and Turn On is available on and addresses the issue of self-honoring.