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Is Tiger Out of The Woods? 10 Tell-Tale Signs To Know if Tiger, You, or Your Partner Have A Sexual Addiction --- And 5 Steps You Can Take to Start the Recovery Process.

10 Signs To Know if Tiger, or You Have A Sexual Addiction.

Posted Apr 23, 2010

Written with Katie Fields and Jamila Bey

Most lay people seriously doubt Tiger, themselves or their partner is a sex addict.  Instead many think, “Hey, this person has crossed the line or she/he clearly has moral character flaws, and now they are just making excuses.”

Others assert that if they themselves were young billionaire athletes, they too would enjoy all the trappings that come with success.  Even you might think that Tiger is only claiming addiction to garner sympathy and public support, hang on to his wife and keep those endorsements. 

As a resident at a Johns Hopkins Medical Center Sexual Disorders Clinic and with more than 17 years of clinical experience, I have helped countless patients with sexual and other addictions. During this time, I have witnessed a large percentage of those clients go through treatment programs and relapse. Numerous studies have found the relapse rate for addictions to be 85% and higher. In fact, “relapse is an expected part of recovery,” says noted addiction specialist Dr. Marc Kern.

While we’ve all seen Tiger escape sand-traps, bad-lies and a range of formidable challenges, we’re still left to answer the nagging question, is Tiger out of the woods?

The answer to this question, in large part, hinges upon whether or not Tiger is an addict.  To help you determine if Tiger, you or your partner have a sexual addiction, here are 10 questions you should consider.

Ten Tell-Tale Signs That You May Have an Addiction

1.   Is there a pattern of uncontrolled behaviors?

2.   Do you become restless or irritable if you are unable to engage in the negative sexual behavior?

3.   Does the behavior continue despite escalating negative consequences resulting from the sexual behaviors?

4.   Is the behavior frequent and self-destructive, or does it involve high-risk?

5.   Has there been a persistent appetite for the sexual behavior, despite one or more unsuccessful attempts to curb or quit indulging in the behavior?

6.    Do you engage in sexual obsession and fantasy as a coping strategy?

7.    Is there an increase in the number of sexual encounters because the current level of activity is no longer fulfilling?

8.    Do you have mood changes related to sexual activity?

9.    Is the amount of time spent in obtaining sex, being sexual, or recovering from sexual encounters last a longer period than intended?

10.  Has sexual behavior resulted in giving up or limiting important social, occupational, or recreational activities?

If you answered “yes” to 5 or more of these questions, here are 5 Steps You Can Take to Start the Recovery Process.

  1. Seek a professional diagnosis to determine if you actually have a sexual addition.
  2. If you have a sexual addiction, consult an addiction specialist.
  3. Get a comprehensive assessment. Believe it or not, sexual addiction frequently co-exists with other conditions.  Therefore, you should get an assessment to determine if ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Impulse Control, Substance or some other condition might be impacting your sexual behaviors.
  4. Consider entering a treatment program.
  5. Find a sexual addiction support.

These 10 Tell-Tale Signs Can Help You Determine if Tiger, You, or Your Partner Have A Sexual Addiction --- And Provide 5 Steps You Can Take to Start the Recovery Process. Good Luck Getting Your Life Back on Par!