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The God-shaped Hole

Finding ourselves to fill the emptiness within

We are all searching for something. What that something might be is never really a certainty, but it typically displays itself as a nagging sense of something unfinished or a thing undone that plagues our days and troubles our sleep. It is a restlessness within the human heart described by St. Augustine as "...humanity's innate desire for the infinite..."

This restlessness is a metaphor for seeking after the infinite, for something larger than ourselves, but it is not always so much a seeking after God, as it is a coincident experience of universal expansion. We are not only living within the context of nature, but as a fellow traveler along with this unfinished and ever-expanding universe that we inhabit.

The emptiness confronting us compasses not only this notion, but the disconnection between our primordial, elemental nature and the mundane humanity of our daily lives. We fail to see the sacredness in all things, for want of something "more". And so, we try to fill this emptiness with things outside of ourselves -- objects, money, love, release or our perception of it, sex, drugs, new experiences, whatever is at hand. We also fail to see the sacredness in ourselves and, in doing so, visit upon ourselves all manner of violence, neglect and disregard.

What will, ultimately, fill this space? You will. You are what you are seeking. You are that thing left undone. You are your own higher power.

Evolving our potential is a full time occupation. It takes patience, self-acceptance, tolerance, humor, introspection and a willingness to face our own truth and speak it aloud. In facing our truth we must be willing to take responsibility for our own shortcomings, as well as be willing to address those shortcomings in a conscious and productive manner, while also making the effort to acknowledge our own strengths along the way.

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