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10 Ways To Make Your Partner Smile Today

7. Say, 'I love you,' out loud, for no reason at all.

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Source: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

I am on a daily scavenger hunt to find things that will make the people I care for smile, especially the one I love. Sometimes it’s a text, a book, or something simple I've found that will hopefully brighten my sweetheart’s day.

Here are some tips to make that happen for you:

  1. Share a joke every day (even if it comes from a cheesy "joke of the day" website).

    Go ahead and tell your partner a joke. It’s great to start the morning together with a laugh; you'll both leave the house a little lighter.
  2. Without letting them know, take over some of their household duties for a day or two so they can play or just relax.

    We all have our tasks of daily living, and if you can lighten the load for someone you love, that's a real gift.
  3. This weekend, take your partner’s car to get it washed and filled with gas. (Even better: Take the kids.)

    As a kid, I often got to sit in the car while it went through the wash. It was very exciting and created a memory I’ll always cherish. As an adult, your partner will appreciate what you've done when they get in their car Monday morning and carry fond thoughts of you on their commute.
  4. Next time your partner has a really hard day, draw a warm bath they can relax in.

    Light some candles, put on some music—make it feel romantic, but not sexual. This is something you're doing for your mate. (If it relaxes them sufficiently, maybe the other stuff will happen later.)
  5. Say sweet things and actually use sweet terms of endearment, like honey or sweetheart.

    This habit really does bring you closer. (Here's the science behind it.) Even just a heart on a text will do the trick. The sweeter you are to each other, the closer you will both feel, and the fewer stressful moments you'll have.
  6. Bring flowers whenever you have a chance.

    It doesn’t matter how big the bouquet is; sometimes a single rose can say more than a dozen. I know I’ve often grabbed a flower from the yard (OK, or the neighbor's) before I've walked in the door.
  7. Say “I love you very much," out loud, for no reason at all.

    You don’t have to pick a special moment; better to be spontaneous. This sign of your affection is guaranteed to make your partner grin from ear to ear. He or she may think you are a little crazy in the moment, but it’s worth it.
  8. Make a surprise date.

    It's even more special if you make it an overnight. But even if it’s just for lunch, brunch, or dinner, this will make your partner smile. And always order something a little special for your partner.
  9. Do something totally new and different together.

    Doing new things produces the brain chemical oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone.” The more new things you do together, then, the closer you will want to be.
  10. My spouse once told me a story about wanting a yellow toy phone when she was a child, and even cried a little telling me about it. . .

    . . . so the next day, I went on e-Bay and found a likely replica and gave it to her. Total investment: $10. Payoff: Priceless.

It doesn’t take a lot to make someone smile; it just takes a little effort. But it’s almost guaranteed to come back to you in positive way—and make you smile more, too.