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Intuition and Dreaming: Four Questions to Ask of Each Dream

Take a moment to reflect each time you remember a dream.

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Dreaming is a natural source of intuition, and a few simple dream questions can lead to big intuitive insights. In his recent article, “Seven Things Deeply Intuitive People Do Differently,” Travis Bradberry of Linkedin describes an approach to intuition that embraces the value of dreaming. Toward the end of the article, he claims of people who are deeply intuitive:

"They analyze their dreams. If you accept the science that demonstrates the power of intuition, it’s not much of a leap to accept that our dreams are often manifestations of intuition. Sure, sometimes dreams are nonsense, but they often try to tell us something. Intuitive people don’t just think, 'Wow, that was a weird dream!'; they ask themselves, 'Where did that come from, and what can I take away from it?'"

I appreciate Bradberry’s point, and I would add that current scientific research supports the idea that dreaming is a wellspring of intuitive insight. If intuition is defined as a flash of new conscious awareness that reflects the end-result of extensive unconscious mental processing, then dreaming may indeed be regarded as a lively and spontaneous generator of new intuitions, a generator hard-wired into the brains of every human being.

An easy way of increasing your access to this natural source of intuition is to ask yourself four questions every time you remember a dream. Don’t worry about precise answers; just focus on each question, play with it in your mind, and wait a moment or two for a response to arise from within.

  1. What is the strangest, most bizarre part of this dream?
  2. Who are the characters, and how do you interact with them?
  3. What emotions appear in this dream, and when do they arise?
  4. What kind of reality is revealed to you in this dream?

There is no need to "interpret" the dream, in the sense of translating it into a rational, linear message. Simply ask these questions, and pay close attention to the thoughts, feelings, memories, and associations that come up.

If you do this with every dream you remember — or better yet, record it in a journal — you will build a vibrant, living bridge between your mind's conscious and unconscious realms, and your flow of intuition will surely increase as a result.

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