COVID and Child’s Dreams

How are children handling the crisis?

Posted Apr 25, 2020

All over the world children have been taken out of schools, isolated from their friends and kept inside for several weeks to months. However necessary these measures may be to control the pandemic they must surely affect children’s emotional and psychic lives in ways we or their parents can barely, at present, fathom. How do these kids understand these drastic disruptions to their lives? How do they recognize and handle the feelings of intense worry, imminent doom and pervasive anxiety they almost certainly sense in the adults around them?

We as their caretakers can try to explain the unexplainable to them as best we can but kids are not stupid. They know that all is not well. How do they process that feeling? They very likely do so with the help of their parents and with the help of their dreams.

One possible piece of good news is that children appear to be able to clear the disease more quickly from their systems than adults. They are therefore less likely get get really sick with the disease and are less likely to transmit the disease than adults. In a recent study investigators studied one child who had the virus after contact with an adult who had it. Investigators were able via history and contact tracing to piece together the child's social interactions over 2 weeks after infection. It turned out that the child was co-infected with other respiratory viruses in additions to the COVID virus. He attended three schools and interacted with over 170 individuals while symptomatic, but did not transmit the COVID virus!  he did however transmit the other respiratory viruses! This is good documentary evidence (with an N of only 1 however!!) that children may be more effectively clearing the virus from their systems and are less likely to transmit the COVID virus than adults.  See

Even though most children are not getting as sick from the virus as are adults they nevertheless are still being emotionally affected by the pandemic related lockdown and disruption of their normal routines. it is very likely that the emotional distress kids are experiencing these days is spilling over into their behaviors and into their dreams.

Please consider helping dream scientists collect dream reports and drawings from children during these difficult times. We can use that information to help children emotionally navigate the troubled seas we all find ourselves in these days.

Please see links below to children’s dream expert Caludio Colace Lab and websites where you can upload anonymously your children’s drawings and dream narratives. Claudio’s contact info is below as well.


Contact info for Claudio Colace, Ph.D. Claudio Colace, via Luigi Volpicelli, 14 - 00133 Rome, Italy.