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Killing the Disabled

The danger of the wolf pack mentality

The disabled are better off dead. They suck up resources and contribute little to society. With limited medical personnel, medications, and money, why should these parasites be alive? Why not kill them? Shouldn’t we consider the impact of keeping the disabled going? Would it be acceptable to euthanize those with disabilities to decrease the surplus population?

These are the frightening words which I hear with more and more frequency, and they are absolutely sickening. You would think such words would be met with disdain from the public; however, there is growing support for this line of thought. Increasingly there are articles and reports which vilify the disabled in the same way that serial killers objectify their victims. Those with disabilities are described as burdens with nothing to offer. Worse, they are referred to as parasites that suck resources from financial and medical systems. There is very much an ‘us’ against ‘them’ mentality taking hold. Though few would ever admit it, it is clear that a large number of people want nothing to do with those who have disabilities. Furthermore, there is a wolf pack mentality taking hold which targets the weak for termination. The healthy, rich, and young are forming an alliance like a wolf pack intent on tearing apart its target. The targets are the disabled who are least able to defend themselves. To be clear, these are people who have not expressed any desire to die.

The venom and hatred directed at those who are deemed to be physically or mentally unworthy is staggering. Now more than ever, we hear stories of scientists, doctors, and those in government arguing that it is acceptable to euthanize those who are not physically or mentally in the norm. Some would like to grab their organs while others simply want to be relieved of a responsibility. Human beings are being objectified in order to make it easy to kill them.

Parents who love their disabled children have big hearts. They work hard to make sure their loved ones have what they need. Nurturing and caring, these parents see value in their kids. Then on the other hand we have reports of parents who have killed or seek to kill their disabled children simply because they don’t want to deal with them anymore. In at least one of these cases, the parent seeking to become executioner has not been financially or physically responsible for the children for many years. Despite this, she still wants them dead.

But it gets worse. In cases where parents or care takers have actually committed homicide, they show no remorse. Instead of hanging their heads in shame, the defiant killers loudly announce their ‘accomplishment’ as if it were an honor, as if they had done something wonderful in snuffing out a disabled person’s life.

It isn’t just parents who seek to kill off the disabled. Family members and even those with no connection seek to end the lives of those who don’t fit in what would be considered a ‘normal’ life. Everything from autism, to quadriplegia, to MS, to mental disability is targeted. In short, if you are not in the norm, watch out. There are predators gunning for you.

Almost invariably the death seekers argue that they would never want to live as invalids, so therefore, no one should. They can’t see any value to such a life. You will hear others say that in cases where communication is limited, if only the disabled could speak, they’d tell you they want to be killed. This is clear projection on the part of the would-be killer. What such a person is really saying is that he would want to die, or at least, he believes that he would want to die rather than live in a certain condition. He is communicating for himself, not for the potential victim.

Few want to see those who are disabled because it reminds them of what can happen to them, and they don’t want that. No one wants to believe that they could end up with a disability, so, they objectify in order to distance themselves emotionally. Instead of being a child or a wife or a father, the person with a handicap is viewed as a ‘thing.’ You will hear the truly psychopathic mutter phrases like ‘he’s like a plant,’ or ‘he’d be better off dead.’ Using such language makes it easier to make the horrendous supposition that the disabled should be put down like dogs. Some have said that the disabled have died anyway, so why not finish them off? This has been said about people who have had strokes or are in wheelchairs.

Someone who wants to kill the disabled is speaking loud and clear. At the heart of his communication he is saying that the disabled offend him in some way. Whether he doesn’t want to spend money, whether he just doesn’t want to see them, whether he wants power over life and death, or whether he is simply making a pathetic attention grab for himself, the motivation cannot be assumed to be benign. Anytime killing others is discussed, you have to ask the question ‘why.’ Why is it so important to kill off certain people? What is in it for the killer? What benefit is to be had? When it gets down to it, the truth typically involves money and/or emotional benefit.

What is the emotional benefit? Ending stress can be the reward. For someone who is tied to those with special needs, the process can be stressful, and for a handful of those relatives or caretakers, killing is preferable to allowing the victim to live. No victim… stress. No victim… mess. Offing the disabled allows the executioner to wrap things up in a neat little package. Not only does he remove his problem, but he gains attention and sympathy at the same time for his ‘loss.’

You have to carefully watch these predators because they are clever in how they preemptively strike out against anyone who may question their motives. They begin with a ‘don’t you even glance my way to say I’m a bad person for wanting to kill. I’m the victim here!’ They will work hard in an attempt to garner sympathy for themselves in order to distract you from the fact that they want to kill someone. This is a ploy meant to objectify the potential victims while at the same time humanizing themselves. This is strange because while desperately trying to humanize themselves, they take away a disabled person’s humanity. They do so by changing the victims into things instead of people. They seek to get support without truly talking about what they really want to do. How very clever of them.

The disabled add much to the world and are an inspiration to those who pay attention. Living with difficulties can be challenging, to say the least. However, those who have been placed in the situation of dealing with disability often have an amazing insight into what really matters in life. Trivial things mean very little. A person’s heart and spirit are what matter, and no one exemplifies this more than those who find creative ways to do things that others take for granted.

If you have ever had the privilege of working with or spending time with those with disabilities, then you will see that they are not simply objects to be euthanized because they offend you. Just a smile from a disabled child can help brighten the day of those nearby. Have you ever seen the artwork of a quadriplegic? They can manipulate the brush with their mouths to create amazing pictures.

Isn’t it interesting that there are rescue groups for unwanted pets to save them from euthanasia, yet there is an entire coalition bent on euthanizing humans who have expressed no desire for death? I continually hear people say that the disabled are suffering, so killing them is humane. Would you like to know how many serial killers have told me that? I interviewed a large group of female serial killers, many of whom killed sick or disabled victims. They claimed they did it to put the victims out of their misery. Same words, folks. In truth, the serial murderers didn’t have the welfare of the victims in mind. They killed because they enjoyed it. It brought them power, money, or stress relief. Sound familiar?

Those seeking to condemn disabled view them as nothings to be thrown away, just like trash. For the people out there who think it is noble to kill those with special needs, let me tell you something. There is nothing honorable about killing off the weak. I hear such phrases as ‘don’t you judge me unless you’ve walked in my shoes!” Funny thing is that the death advocates clearly are not in the shoes of those they seek to kill. And they are NOT putting themselves into those shoes. The truth is you don’t know how you will react until you are placed into any situation. You may spout off that you wouldn’t want to live a certain way, but things become much different when you are on the other end of the death needle.

In the UK a young quadriplegic starved herself to death because she stated that her family routinely tormented her by saying what a burden she was to them. The comments from the public were staggering. People praised the girl for offing herself because to them she was a worthless burden. They wouldn’t want to have to take care of a family member in that situation. It would cut into their fun time, and after all, seeing someone in that state was depressing. Better to kill them off than have to watch them, and certainly if it is not legal to kill them, then bullying them into suicide will work too.

Remember that the Nazis first went after the disabled. Then they moved to the nondisabled, lest you think that you could never be on the chopping block. Psychopathic behavior is psychopathic behavior, and a true monster will never stop with just one victim. There will always be a reason to vilify a human being. Now it is disability. Next it might be socioeconomic status. Beware of those peddling death as a solution.

A person is no less valuable because he is in a wheelchair or bed bound. A person is not less valuable because an illness has robbed him of the use of his body. A disable person is no less human because he must wear an adult undergarment. A human being is not less desirable because he has a mental handicap. In many ways the disabled can be viewed as exceptional. They fight simply to survive which makes them strong in ways that even they do not realize.

I know in this environment there will be many who don’t like this article. Psychopaths are abundant, and darkness always hides from light. People don’t like having mirrors held up to them because when that happens, they have to look at the ugliness staring back at them. And I am not talking about their physical appearances. If you are a psychopath, you may be able to fool some of the people some of the time. But you sure as anything are not fooling me.