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Melissa Blake

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A Note For Mothers

The enduring love of a mother

Posted Nov 12, 2009

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's words from psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini. Here's one more bit of wisdom she has to share, being a mom herself.

Mother's are rated the top influence in 90% of all girls' lives. We carry with us the wisdom of experience, and no one else will ever love their child as much as we (moms) do. We also realize that the way we grew up wasn't always optimal so we (moms) are looking for a better approach. Girls really want to talk to their moms, but many times hold back due to feeling awkward about how to start the conversation. Our daughters do not want to risk the love of their moms, so they carry this idea that if their moms knew the truth, they would be disappointed. Moms may be disappointed but will never stop loving their daughters.

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