Are You Addicted To Your App?

3 ways to find out if you're an addict

Posted Aug 01, 2012

You know who you are. Always checking your phone every five minutes even though you know nothing has changed since the last time you checked. Hitting the refresh button to see if someone new has appeared online or posted a new comment.

With more than five hundred thousand apps on the market, there is an app for almost everything. Apps are meant to help us be more productive but do they really?

With apps like Facebook and Twitter it's hard not to check your phone to see what's going on. Imagine one that allows you to find people like you within a 2 mile radius.

That's what Grindr and sister app Blendr have done. Similar to online dating version apps like, these two apps have created an environment where gays and straights can meet other gays (Grindr) and straights (Blendr). Think of it as a GPS for local men and women.

Whether it's Grindr, Blendr or other apps like Facebook, Twitter, there are common signs of addiction—similar to the well known blinking red light syndrome brought on by the blackberry.  

You know you have a problem, when you find yourself:

1.  Not sleeping because you're thinking about who is online and what you maybe missing. 

2.  Feeling the need to open the app at least 3 times a day.

3.  Using the app in the presence of others at social events.

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it may mean you're addicted. My recommendation is to delete the app.  

Sounds easier said than done. A few folks that I know have gone as far as having their friends add a child safety password so that the app can't be re-downloaded.  

What's been your experience? Tell us what app you're addicted too.