5 New Work Habits For 2012

5 New Work Habits For 2012

Posted Jan 05, 2012

Now that we are back to the grind, the holidays seem like a distant memory.  Most of us will be making New Year's resolutions this week but all know that keeping them will be harder than making them.

According to the UK Health Behaviore Research Centre, it takes 66 days to form a new habit.  Below are 5 New Year work habits you may want to try out.  

  1. Flex Your Hearing Muscle | Many times we find ourselves in one line email conversations. This year pick up the phone and talk instead.  Not only would you shorten a day long email dialogue, you will flex you hearing muscle.  Try it, the person on the other side of the phone won't bite.
  2. Give Your Eyes A Rest | During conference calls, many of us tend to multi-task and not pay attention to what is being said.  By shutting off the monitor, you will not only focus better on what's being discussed but also give your eyes a break.
  3. Become Enagaged in Meetings |  When our minds wander during team meetings, we tend to check our emails or any other information on our mobile devices.  By not having access to your devices during meetings, it will ensure that you are engaged and it will conserve your phone's battery life.
  4. Take More Breaks | Outlook or any other calendar software automatically blocks time either in 30 or 60 minute chunks.  Instead of being lazy and leaving the time at its default, why not change it to 20 or 45 min meetings.  That way, you have time to spare to go for a walk or grab a coffee.
  5. Socialize With Your Team | Instead of eating your food at your desk, try going out to lunch with a colleague or block a conference room and have lunch with some of your teammates.  Not only will the time together let you get to know your team better, it will also allow you to decompress any stress that's going on during your day.

Let me know how it goes by mid-February or if you have others to add to this list.