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Top 5 Holiday Party Mistakes

Top 5 holiday party mistakes.

Over these next few weeks, organizations will kick-off their company holiday party. And every year, there is someone that makes a big mistake they regret the next day. Here are the top 5 big mistakes you don't want to make during your holiday party.

# 5: Discuss Salary - I've heard and seen many times individuals talk to their boss about how unhappy they are with their salary or that they have a lot of debt to cover. It's a party and the last thing your leader wants to hear is about how dissatisfied you are with your pay in the hopes that you will get him or her to feel guilty and try to bump your salary in the New Year. So don't do it.

# 4: Dress Inappropriately - Unlike regular parties, where one can wear anything, an office party requires a delicate balance. Wearing a revealing dress or a loud suit may cause management or people for that matter to talk about your taste level. So keep that in mind if you're debating on wearing a low cut top.

# 3: Dancing Like John Travolta - I'm kidding about John Travolta but I'm not kidding about people doing the split or bumping and grinding when they hear the latest Rihanna or Beyoncé song playing. Always remember people are watching you.

# 2: Hit on or Fool around with a Co-worker - Office romance may sometimes cause complications if it doesn't work out but it's worse when it's just a one-time situation. Make sure you're in control and do not cross the work boundaries unless you're looking to start something a bit more substantial.

# 1: Over Drink - It's a party and when there is free booze, for some reason, people believe it means that they have a free pass to get drunk. Under no circumstances should you do so. Getting plastered during your holiday party is the quickest way to destroy credibility you've built or getting fired.

I realize that it's important to let your hair down and I think you should—I do. But I also think remembering it's a work function is very critical. If you notice, many senior management employees only have one, at most, two glasses of alcohol. That's because they know they are at a work function and not drinking with their college buddies.

Have fun and I would love to hear if you have other DON'Ts you would add to this list. Happy Holidays.