The Best Defense Against the Pandemic

Tips that you know to be true but have been choosing to avoid.

Posted Jan 05, 2021

Today’s guest blogger is Brian Wallace, President of NowSourcing.

Health is wealth. Whatever we seek to do in life, our lack of health will lead us to not being able to realize the dreams that are ahead of us. Yet, so many of us work too much, sleep too little, and do not pay attention to what our bodies tell us — sleep, nutrition, and the right brain balance keeps us focused to face the uncertain days of our time.

You’re not getting enough sleep

Many of us think that we are invincible and can pull all-nighters as needed — all too often and too much. Whether you’re cramming for an exam in college or working hard toward your startup dreams, this is not a sustainable strategy. Studies show that most people need at least six hours of sleep. Not only is the duration of sleep a problem, but we are in a constant state of unrest — many people are finding it hard to get asleep and stay asleep. Something that’s worked for me personally is getting the right weight of blanket (some use weighted blankets but I prefer a regular one), turning off electronics as best as I can and try to keep them away from my sleep zone, and adding melatonin to my routine before bed. I try to have a water bottle next to my bed for proper hydration as well.

Don’t just sit there, do something

Chances are, you spend so much of your time sitting stationary at the computer. Make sure you spend some time outside if possible, aim to get at least 10,000 steps a day as prescribed by the American Heart Association (there’s a big difference in the normal single-digit thousands many people get per day versus getting the literal extra mile beyond the 10,000-step mark), and attend to any muscle pain you may have been neglecting. Being proactive with some small problems now can stop them from looming larger down the road.

The long haul is affecting our relationships

Between COVID lockdowns, uncertainty, and now entering into the winter season, many of us are suffering from mental and physical fatigue. Seasonal affective disorder, coupled with the lack of routine and normalcy, is enough to get almost anyone feeling down. We can be in control of much more by focusing on the good — positive affirmation, journaling, meditation, prayer, and taking some time out for ourselves. These small moments can make a world of difference.

Diets aren’t just for losing weight

When we hear the word diet, we immediately think about losing that 20 pounds we’ve put on since the pandemic started. A true diet is adopting some ground rules as a way of life moving forward.  Focusing on whole food, plant based diets work for many.

It’s important to enhance our diet with any vitamins and supplements that we may lack. Be sure to check on the quality of such supplements as not all are created equal.